$10 Unlimited

Airvoice's Unlimited ILD Plan is just $10 for 31 days of unlimited international long distance. No contracts, fees, cards or pins. You have unlimited access to more than 80 countries equaling 1000's of world-wide destinations. All of this backed by our dependable, global network. Countries included in the Unlimited Plan:

Mexico (landline)
Canada (landline & cell)
India (landline and cell)
China (landline and cell)
and more...


Airvoice also offers international pay-as-you-go (PayGo) calling to destinations not included in the unlimited plan.

  • 2 cents per minute to select destinations in Mexico
  • PayGo plan can be used with any voice plan
  • Provides more flexibility in calling ILD destinations
  • ILD add-on credits expire 180 days after funding the account
  • Adding additional funds extends the expiration date
  • PayGo ILD accounts are funded in $5 increments
  • Maximum PayGo ILD ReUp value is $30 in a 30-day period